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Software to Help Diagnose, Manage and Track Skin Diseases.

The App

Assistive technology for skin health workers

Diagnose, monitor and map skin diseases

Yuko AI is a software built specifically to assist health workers in skin disease management. It enables data capture, AI Powered pre-diagnosis, monitoring and mapping of skin diseases. It enhances collaboration among skin health workers at all levels of a healthcare system.



We help your organization to enable accessible skin healthcare.

Easily Accessible Portal

Our software is easily accessible from any device for both health practitioners and patients.


Data Quality Control

Data quality control using AI and image processing to ensure clear pictures are taken by the patient.


AI Pre-diagnostic Tools

Enable timely and clear diagnosis by health workers at any level.


Multi-level Collaboration

Controlled access based on user role. Enable report generation and case escalation.

How the Software Works


Patient Portal

Any patient with a smartphone or a laptop and connected to internet can access an online form and submit multiple photos to receive diagnosis. Alternatively, data capture can be done at a local clinic and sent to a specialist.

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Clinic's Portal

The general portal (SirvHealth) offers tools for a practitioner to receive patients data, make a diagnosis with lesion labeling and generate patient report. We offer add-on features that include, AI pre-diagnosis (SirvHealthAI), disease tracking and tools for collaboration.

About Us

Our Story

We are driven by a strong desire to empower our partners to provide the best skin health care to their patients even in underserved communities.

Growing up in the rural region of Eastern Rwanda and suffering through scabies, a Neglected Tropical Disease( NTD), Our CEO understands the importance of quality care for all.  He believes that "developing sustainable solutions driven by tech (where possible) to assist skin health workers must be our goal."


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Contributing to better skin health using technology.

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